COREDRY® is the best in dry Douglas-fir timbers!

COREDRY® is sourced from the highest quality dense fiber and carefully dried to consistently provide the stability, performance and appearance you demand.

COREDRY® timbers are dried in conventional steam kilns in a proven controlled process that requires lower temperatures along with increased air flow and conditioning time. American Lumber Standards seasoning provisions allow lumber kiln dried to a maximum of 19% average moisture content, measured at 1” penetration, to be grade stamped “KD”. The COREDRY® process can take two to three times longer than typical kiln drying process needed to meet ALS requirements. This ensures a timber with consistent moisture content from surface to core that is more stable – experiencing less shrinkage, warping, twisting and bow – than other dry products on the market.

The timber selected for this unique drying process comes from the highest quality Douglas-fir logs grown in the elevations of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade mountain range. This slow growing fiber is characterized by dense fine grain that tends to be more stable than that from rapidly grown trees from other regions. Only timbers graded as #1 or better and are free of heart center (FOHC) are chosen for the COREDRY® process.

COREDRY® timbers enter the kiln as full sawn rough (FSR) and experience on certified average 3% shrinkage in the process. Upon exiting the kiln initial moisture meter readings will vary from surface to core. These slightly different moisture gradients continue towards equalization to the surrounding environment. Elk Creek’s quality control process includes testing each kiln charge to ensure satisfactory moisture levels have been achieved.

Starting with the highest quality fiber, slowly conditioning the wood, and strictly supervising the process for quality control all combine to make the COREDRY® stamp secure. You can be confident in the performance and appearance of your dry timbers, beams and stringers.

Elk Creek stocks COREDRY® in a full range of sizes from 3×4 through 12×18 and can custom dry larger sizes to your specifications. COREDRY® is available in full sawn rough, band-sawn or surfaced (S4S) textures.

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