Creating a culture that brings out the best in people


In recent years, many industries including the lumber business have focused on increased production capabilities, detailed performance metrics, various theories of change, and other end-result deliverables. In addition to these, Elk Creek has found increased bottom line profitability by developing a culture that elevates virtue as a key performance indicator.

Virtuosity has been defined as “the attributes of individuals when they are at their best.” At the center of Elk Creek’s organizational purpose is the understanding that “We endeavor to be the best.” Our goal is to always be at our best as it relates to our customers, our competition, and ourselves.

Within our corporate culture is a fundamental belief that profit and performance are the direct results of people interacting at their highest levels of virtue. We’ve seen tangible results by both helping individuals to exhibit virtue, as well as seeking to lead an organization in demonstrating virtue collectively.

Our experience is that virtuous leadership directly affects the confidence of our staff and their performance and enhances the overall outcomes of the company. One of the significant ways we accomplish this is making a conscious choice to realize opportunities squandered in what others may perceive as mistakes. We seek to create a positive learning environment instead of allowing failures to damage self-worth. We also believe in providing trust, emphasizing compassion, rewarding integrity; as well as remaining steadfastly optimistic about our ability to succeed regardless of the challenges we face.

Leadership is the catalyst to strengthen company culture, empower staff to achieve the mission and simultaneously realize how each of their contributions is vital to further common goals. Whether you have an excellent company culture that you wish to maintain or are wanting to see virtuosity grow within your company, healthy growth and positive change begin with you and your leadership team!

Want to learn more about the importance of virtue expressed throughout your company? Click the link to read this informative white paper about organizational virtuousness and how it relates to overall company success!

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