We value our drivers as much as our customers.
Without them, our lumber doesn’t move.

Call Us

Shipping/Check-In: 503-272-6548


Main Office: 503-474-44462

CB Channel 40

We ask that drivers keep non-business chatter to a minimum as we use Channel 40 as our main communication between trucks and forklifts.

Please be ready to give the following information

  • Truck Name
  • Truck Number
  • ECFP Order #
  • Customer PO #

Dropping off?

Gate #1
2700 NE Orchard Ave., McMinnville, OR 97128

If you are reloading, please let the Receiving Office know and we can get you checked in.

***We assume that your fuel tanks are full and will load you to maximum weight. Please let your loader know if you need to leave room to add weight after leaving our facility.***

Safety Information / Yard Rules

  • NO SMOKING in yard (this includes INSIDE your truck)
  • HI-VIS attire required in yard (jacket, vest, sweatshirt)
  • NO flip flops or slippers (Safety shoes highly advised)
  • Watch for forklift / truck traffic
  • NO TARPING / UNTARPING IN YARD! click here for map to tarping area
Elk Creek Trucker Rules

Stay Overnight at Gate #5

You are welcome to stay with us. We have room for overnight parking at Gate #5.
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